Stained glass is no longer limited to religious iconry and heraldry, now the human form, in its sensual and erotic glory, illuminates and inspires just as stained glass has always done.

Unusual, hand-made and beautifully crafted stained glass with an erotic theme.

Using traditional techniques and with the finest glass, lead, stains, enamels and specialist paints, Diego has been making erotic themed stained glass windows, light-boxes, wall-lights, screens, internal-doors, sky-lights, garden lights since 2005.

Diego makes both small and large erotic stained glass; from light-catchers that can be hung in a window, to larger commissions for  nightclubs, saunas and places where eros resides.

Erotic stained glass art that can be heterosexual art, gay and lesbian art or queer art. It can be playful; it can be subversive; it can be pornographic; but it is never dull.