The Technique

The traditional technique we follow to make the stained glass starts off with a design. Sometimes I work from a photograph, sometimes I work from an sketch. Once the design is agreeable to the client, it’s enlarged to full size and cut-lines are carefully applied so they add to, rather than detract from, the erotic design.

The next stage is selecting the glass. There are many different types of glass including: machine made glass, mouth blown glass with it’s textures, bubbles and beautiful imperfections, flash glass which is clear glass with a layer of coloured glass that can be acid etched or sandblasted to achieve stunning effects. The glass is then hand-cut to size using a diamond wheel and the edges are softened using a grinder.

Once the pieces are cut, it’s time for painting. Often my designs are hyper-realistic and to achieve this many different layers of special stained glass paint (called Grisalia) is applied, and each layer is fired. Whilst some of the glass I use is already coloured, many designs call for additional colours to be added to a individual piece of glass. This is achieved using special glass stains and enamels, which change the colour or bond to the glass surface during the firing process.

The painted glass pieces are all fired at temperatures of around 750°C. Different enamels and stains call for different temperatures and so the order in which they are applied is important.

Once all the painting is complete and the glass pieces are laid out on the life-size cartoon, I joining the glass pieces together with lead strips. Each pieces is carefully inserted into the lead strip, which has an I shaped cross section. Corners and curves make challenging work, and careful soldering ensures that the lead work matches the quality of the craftsman-ship I’ve put into the the glass painting.

The final stages include cementing the window, with a special lead cement that means the the erotic stained glass window (or light) for that matter are weather resistant; cleaning the cement residue off the glass and then polishing the window and darkening the lead. It’s then ready to install.

The erotic stained glass windows are able to withstand the weather and will last for well over 100 years, after that, they can be easily re-leaded to continue their life. I restore rather a lot of medieval glass so I know just how robust stained glass is.

Installation: Stained glass doesn’t have to be confined to windows and doors, it can also be placed in light-boxes, table lamps, wall lamps, furniture and diver screens. Some of the designs I make are also small enough to simply hang in a window or near a light source.